Caldwell & Cooley

Standard gauge

Headquarters: Ellisville

Mill Location: Ellisville, MS (Jones County)

Mill Capacity: 0,000 ft/day 

Years of Operation: 1918-1920

Miles Operated: 1 1/2

Locomotives Owned: 1




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History by Gil Hoffman:

Caldwell & Cooley was a partnership composed of F. R. Caldwell and T. B. Cooley. On September 18, 1918 the partners bought 280 acres of land from Mrs. S. I. Busby for $1,750. This land was located about two miles east of Ellisville along the Ellisville branch of the Gulf, Mobile & Northern Railroad and east of Tallahala Creek. On June 4, 1919 an additional 800 acres of timber was bought from P. M. Ikeler for $2,335. This timber was south of the Busby tract. A small sawmill and dimension mill that apparently cut hardwoods were built on the railroad.

The operation lasted until the spring of 1920. In May of that year the entire operation was advertised for sale in the Southern Lumberman, asking $25,000 for 1,200 acres of creek bottom land containing about 6,000,000 feet of hardwoods and 1,000,000 feet of pine, a 40 horsepower Enterprise sawmill outfit, a dimension mill, 1 small locomotive, 1 miles of steel rail, and 20 head of oxen and wagons. All of the timberland was transferred to the Merchants & Manufacturers Bank, of Ellisville, on July 29, 1922.



















ROSTER by Gil Hoffman: 


1     0-4-0T     Dewey  630     6x9     10000

Purchased from Southern Iron & Equipment Co. #1415, Atlanta, GA, on 11-20-19. Cost $1,250. Built for T. L. Smith (wood rail); to Southern Lumber Co., on 5-7-16; to Southern Iron & Equipment Co. #1415, Atlanta, GA; to Davis & Williams, Fitzpatrick, GA, in 4-1919; returned to Southern Iron & Equipment Co. #1415. For sale 5-1920. Sold to William H. Ellsworth, Ellisville, MS, on 6-23-22.





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