Brookpark Lumber Co.

36" gauge, 40-lb rail

Headquarters: Meridian

Mill Location: Enterprise, MS (Clarke County)

Mill Capacity: 35,000 ft/day 

Years of Operation: 1901-1914

Miles Operated: 12 miles 1910

Locomotives Owned: 3 known

Other Equipment:

25 log cars in 1910


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History by Gil Hoffman:

On April 22, 1901 the Brookpark Lumber Company, of Minnesota, purchased the sawmill of the Berry Brothers, at Enterprise, Clarke County. This mill was located on the east bank of the Chickasawhay River. The new owners rebuilt the mill, putting in a band saw and building dry kilns and a planing mill. Sawing began on March 2, 1902. The cutting capacity was about 35,000 feet per day. Timber holdings were in Clarke, Jasper and Newton counties. E. J. Swahn was president, later succeeded by his brother, W. I. Swahn.

In January 1914 the company filed involuntary bankruptcy at Meridian, MS. C. L. Gray, of Meridian, was appointed receiver. Efforts to reorganized the company failed and the assets were sold in September 1914.




















ROSTER by Gil Hoffman: 

102              2T Shay         Lima                        861                      5-1904                     26                    3-9x8                       26000

                                 Purchased new. Cost $3,200.

Sold to Birmingham Rail & Locomotive Co. #1074, Birmingham, AL; to Morgan & Fentress Ry., Catoosa, TN, on 1-22-16; to Birmingham Rail & Locomotive Co. #1197, Birmingham, AL; to McCorkle Lumber Co. #102, Nora, VA, on 7-10-18, transferred to Mace Springs, VA, about 1925, transferred to Swords Creek, VA, in 1928, transferred to Stonega, VA, by 1932; to Coal Processing Co. #102, Dixiana, VA, about 6-1943. Scrapped 1949.


1030            2-6-0               Lima                        1030                    6-1906                     36                    14x18                      56100

                                 Purchased new. Cost $4,700.

Sold to Birmingham Rail & Locomotive Co. #1072, Birmingham, AL, changed to standard gauge; to Jackson-Tinney Lumber Co., Siddens, AL, on 7-24-16; to Southern Iron & Equipment Co. #1706, Atlanta, GA; to Thayer Manufacturing Co., Walterboro, SC, on

6-11-22; to D. W. Alderman & Sons Co. #17, Alcolu, SC.


?                  2-6-0               Grant                                                                                  41                    13x18                      52000

                                  Purchased from Birmingham Rail & Locomotive Co., Birmingham, Ala., on 8-29-12.  Cost $2,600.

Formerly Texas State R.R. #1, Rusk, TX.

For sale by Receiver of Brookpark Lumber Co., 2-1915.







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