Baur Lumber Co. (1902-1904)

Latimer-Joyce Lumber Co. (1904-1905)

Standard gauge, -lb rail


Mill Location: Millview, MS (Stone County, was Harrison County then)

Mill Capacity

Years of Operation: 1902-1905

Miles Operated

Locomotives Owned: 1

Also see: Hattiesburg Lumber Co.





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History by Gil Hoffman:

The Baur Lumber Company was a partnership composed of Emil Baur, of Eton, Indiana, and George B. Young. In addition to operating a sawmill at Millview, the company operated a planing mill in Hattiesburg, Perry County. The planing mill in Hattiesburg was purchased in a partially burned condition on April 29, 1902, from the Charles & Whitcomb Lumber Company. Both mills and timber in Harrison County were sold to the Latimer-Joyce Lumber Company on May 16, 1904, for $60,000.

The Latimer-Joyce Lumber Company was a partnership composed of Charles F. Latimer and John Joyce, of Ashland, Wisconsin. The Baur mills and timber were sold by them on May 4, 1905 to the Hattiesburg Lumber Company.


















ROSTER by Gil Hoffman:

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Purchased secondhand in 1903.

To Latimer-Joyce Lumber Co., on 5-16-1904.

Sold to Hattiesburg Lumber Co., Millview, MS, on 5-4-1905.






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