Ackenhausen & Nordman 1886-88

Ackenhausen Brothers 1888-1893

Unknown gauge, probably wood rail


Mill Location: Ellisville, MS ( Jones County)

Mill Capacity: 15,000 ft/day 

Years of Operation: 1886-1893

Miles Operated: unk

Locomotives Owned: probably mules or oxen




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History by Gil Hoffman:

In March 1886 Ackenhausen & Nordman, a partnership composed of William Ackenhausen and J. H. Nordman, built a circular sawmill on the west side of the New Orleans & Northeastern Railroad at Ellisville, Jones County. This mill was a Lane & Bodley make with a cutting capacity of about 15,000 feet per day. It cut longleaf yellow pine exclusively. In August 1888 Nordman sold his half interest to William Ackenhausen. At that time Fred Ackenhausen, the brother of William, joined the firm, which then became "Ackenhausen Brothers." A tram road was also built in 1888. In 1890 the logging equipment consisted of 16 yoke of oxen, 3 log carts, and log and lumber wagons. The Ackenhausen mill did an extensive business in Alabama, St. Louis and New Orleans, as well as the local trade.

Land deed records suggest that about 1893, C. Ackenhausen & Company, composed of C. Ackenhausen and J. R. Hinton, began operating the mill.



















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