Alabama Florida & Southern Railroad (1910-1917)

Alabama Florida & Gulf Railroad (1917-1936)

Alabama & Florida Railroad (1936-1941)

Standard Gauge

Headquarters: Malone, FL

Years of Operation: 1910-1941

Predecessor Roads: E. L. Marbury Lbr. Co.

Successor Roads: none

Miles Operated: Main line (AF&S RR): Ardilla, AL to Malone, FL, 15.5 miles.

Main line (AF&G RR): Cowarts, AL to Greenwood, FL, 28.811 miles.

Locomotives Owned: 


6/30/1914: Locomotives: 2. Cars: 1 passenger, 13 freight (1 locomotive & 12 cars leased to E. L. Marbury Lumber Co.)

6/30/1918: Locomotives: 1. Cars: 1 combination.

1928: Locomotives: 2. Cars: 1 passenger, 1 freight.



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HISTORY by Gil Hoffman:

The Alabama, Florida & Southern Railroad was incorporated in Alabama on August 16, 1910, and was controlled by the E. L. Marbury Lumber Company through ownership of a majority of the capital stock. The railroad extended from Ardilla, AL to Malone, FL, 15.5 miles, and was constructed in sections by the E. L. Marbury Lumber Company from 1907 to August 1910.During this period it was operated by the lumber company was a logging road. In August 1910 the Alabama, Florida & Southern acquired the line and opened it for operation in 1911.

 On November 1, 1917, the property of the Alabama, Florida & Southern was purchased by W. S. Wilson, who transferred the property to a new company, the Alabama, Florida & Gulf Railroad, which was incorporated in Alabama on October 11, 1917. The new company was controlled by W. S. Wilson through ownership of a majority of the $50,000 in capital stock. 

The line of the Alabama, Florida & Gulf extended from Cowarts, AL southeasterly to Greenwood, FL, 28.811 miles. It connected with the Atlantic Coast Line at Cowarts, AL. All but 2.50 miles of the old Alabama, Florida & Southern, from near Stapleton, AL to Malone, FL, was abandoned. The line from Cowarts to Cottonwood, AL was acquired from the Geneva Lumber Company of Alabama, which built it about 1909. The remainder of the line, from near Stapleton to Greenwood, FL, 15.31 miles, was built by W. S. Wilson in 1917. 

The country traversed by the Alabama, Florida & Gulf was slightly rolling. The main line was laid with 50 and 60-lb. relay rail and was unballasted.

In 1921 the railroad obtained permission to construct additional lines from Wilson to Dothan, AL, 4 miles, and from Greenwood to Marianna, FL, 9 miles, and for that purpose issued $25,000 in gold bonds out of $150,000 authorized. Very little of these extensions were actually built and the bonds were sold to the Dothan National Bank. On June 3, 1923, the railroad was placed in receivership and on January 4, 1926, was sold at judicial sale to J. L. Crawford, president of the bank and an incorporator of the Alabama, Florida & Southern. The railroad became the property of the bank on November 5, 1927.The bank went into receivership on February 20, 1930. 

The receiver of the line attempted to sell it to the Marianna & Blountstown Railroad in October 1932 for $40,000, but the sale fell through. Although the Atlantic Coast Line wanted the line to remain in operation, it would not buy it. In December 1936 A. P. Leddon, who became general manager of the railroad on February 5, 1929, and B. D. Fuller offered to buy the line for $10,000 and continue operation.

 In December 1936 the Alabama & Florida Railroad was organized in Alabama to take over and operate the property of the Alabama, Florida & Gulf Railroad. The capital stock of the new corporation was $10,000 of which 98 percent was subscribed by A. P. Leddon.  Under agreement dated December 17, 1936, the property of the old company was turned over to the Alabama & Florida Railroad.

 On February 13, 1941, the Alabama & Florida applied to the ICC for permission to abandon its entire line, extending from Cowarts, AL to Greenwood, FL, about 29 miles. At that time train service consisted of a diesel-powered motor coach operated daily carrying passengers, mail, express and less-than-carload freight. This service was supplemented by a small truck. Carload freight was operated as required by a gasoline locomotive, capable of hauling 2 or 3 loaded cars, and by a steam locomotive for heavier loads. Truck competition was the main reason for the failure of the line to operate at a profit. Permission for complete abandonment was granted on October 24, 1941.




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AF&G 14 at Cowarts on August 10, 1935.













ROSTER by Gil Hoffman:



Road No.












Dri. Dia.





Previous Ownership





















Southern Iron & Equipment Co. #634

Alabama, Florida & Southern #11,

on 8/29/1910.


Penn-Jarratt Lumber Co., Marianna, FL


















New by Alabama, Florida & Southern.

Cost $8,850.

Baldwin class 10-26 D 322


Alabama, Florida & Gulf #14, on 11/1/1917.

Alabama & Florida #14, on 12/17/1936.

South Georgia #14, Quitman, GA, ca. 1942.

Albany & Northern #14, Albany, GA, by 12/1947.


















Lake Shore & Michigan Southern #582

Re. #5161 in 1905.

Bun. Equipment & Supply Co., in 10/1912.

Cumberland & Manchester #21, Heidrick, KY, in 1916.

Southern Iron & Equipment Co. #1160

Alabama, Florida & Gulf #3, on 8/23/1918. Cost $9,500.


Southern Iron & Equipment Co. #1401,

on 12/31/1918.

Kirby Lumber Co. #73, Silsbee, TX, on 9/29/1919.

Transferred to Bon Wier, TX, by 4/1926.

Transferred to Call, TX, by 10/1928.






Rhode Island












Macon Construction Co. #5, Macon, GA

Georgia Southern & Florida #5, Macon, GA

Re. #105.

Macon & Birmingham 2nd #201, Macon, GA

Re. #1.

Georgia Car & Locomotive Co. #277

Wilmington, Brunswick & Southern #200, Wilmington, NC, on 4/24/1915.

Southern Iron & Equipment Co. #1307,

on 5/24/1918,

Alabama, Florida & Gulf R.R., on 2/8/1919.

Cost $8,000.








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